About Us

ChinaForte was founded in 2003, it’s born out of union of HY Sports and ShunXiang Bags company. These two companies bonded with the goal of providing Sports and promotional products at most competitive prices, with service that is second-to-none.

It is our mission to provide our customers the best Leisure and Work experience ever while using of our products.

Over 15 years professionalism in manufacturing, product development and designing, exciting new products will be introduced every season with our strong R&D abilities

ChinaForte Features:

1.      Superior quality products.

2.      Competitive prices.

3.      Quick and easy scheduled shipment.

4.      Guaranteed! High quality safety products every time.

5.      Friendly Knowledgeable sales staff.

6.      The best / latest possible protection against on-the-job hazards.

7.      Experience Since 2003

You can count on us. All the time and every time


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